Release Notes - Master Branch

Version 2024-03-20-1215:

  • Support for GSI (Global Secondary Index) queries instead of scan. Open the settings page after updating and look for the amber "DB Upgrade required" button. The migration dialog will show if your CloudFormation template needs to be updated and also provides a migration function to upgrade existing content to support GSI queries.

Version 2024-01-24-1910:

  • API-Gateway added 'Access-Control-Allow-Headers' with explicit 'Authorization' header for OPTION calls to prevent Cross-Origin Request Warning in web browsers.

Version 2024-01-03-0720:

  • Update all lambda runtime versions to nodejs20.x

Version 2023-11-08-1333:

  • UI bug fix in MicroTemplate selection dialogs

Version 2023-06-07-0840:

  • Updated CloudFormation templates to add Global Secondary Index
  • All lambda functions migrated to use nodejs18 and AWS-SDK-v3
  • PUG renderer and sharp image converter version updated (requires build container nodejs16!!)
  • UI backend-service code updated for new lambda function format
  • Fixed a bug where settings cache was not updated after saving

Version 2023-05-22-1300:

  • New function to show BuildProject image versions of CodePipelines. Updater dialog will now show a notification when you should update your CodePipeline infrastructure.

Version 2023-05-12-0935:

This release supports nodejs16 to build the frontend in CodePipeline (build image: aws/codebuild/standard:6.0).
Read the blog post for instructions how to upgrade your existing build project in CodePipeline by updating your stack to the new CloudFormation template.
This release will still build and deploy without upgrading your CodePipeline build container, but future releases might require the build container to be upgraded.

  • Upgraded CloudFront templates for new installations to support codebuild image "aws/codebuild/standard:6.0
  • Updated buildspec files for frontend and backend to remove nodejs version which was fixed to v12
  • Updated angular frontend package and installation to support newer npm version

Version 2023-03-28-0800:

  • Added Google reCAPTCHA v3 to form editor
  • Fix in redirectionFailure URL of submitted forms
  • Upgrade all Lambda functions to nodejs16.x

Version 2023-01-16-1340:

  • Fix for multiple copy/paste in microtemplate objectlist

Version 2022-11-10-0927:

  • Changed "data-" tags in sample form HTML code to be HTML5 compliant (this is just cosmetics)
  • Updated angular to latest minor version to get rid of some dependabot warnings

Version 2022-06-02-730:

  • Upgraded ejs/async package
  • Upgraded sharp package

Version 2022-04-26-1400:

  • Upgraded Angular to 13.3.4
  • Various npm package upgrades
  • Updated WebGate branding with new logo

Version 2021-09-13-1230:

  • Upgraded Angular from 8.x to 12.2.5
  • Removed AWS-Amplify UI auth components -> Password managers didn't like this
  • New Loginscreen with login dialog
  • Various npm package upgrades

Version 2021-08-17-0820:

  • Backend: bump tar node module version
  • Backend: bump path-parse node module version
  • Backend: bump color-string node module version

Version 2021-06-15-0700:

  • Add CloudFront invalidation dialog in file editor
  • Add CloudFront invalidation dialog in file explorer
  • Bump CloudFormation initial-run lambda nodejs version

Version 2021-04-14-1035:

  • UI: Add vertical scroll bar in 'insert CDN image' dialog and update OrderBy pipe
  • Backend: bump PUG rendering engine to 3.0.1
  • Backend: bump nodejs12.x to nodejs14.x

Version 2021-01-02-2222:

  • S3 bucket configuration: Added hints for URL syntax and updated initial config script to use https in order to avoid mixed-content warnings in file explorer when downloading a file in recent browsers
  • Minor UI improvements in listing of micro templates in content
  • Package 'bl' version bump from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 in /backend/aws-serverless-cms-img

Version 2020-11-19-1045:

  • Micro Templates can now have icons for better visibility in selection dialogs
  • In the page editor you can now copy Micro Template objects to an internal clipboard and then paste on a different position or even in a different page

Version 2020-11-05-0840:

  • Display indicator in tab title in case of unsaved changes
  • Only warn on window close if there are unsaved changes

Version 2020-10-29-1000:

  • Increase lambda memory and timeout limits
  • Improvements in publication queue

Version 2020-10-23-0712:

  • Wrap PUG render engine errors in PRE elements for better readability
  • Minor UI, CSS and table formatting fixes

Version 2020-10-21-1520:

  • Improved page publish dialog with option to submit CloudFront cache invalidation request
  • New action in MicroTemplates view, to show which MT's are actually in use
  • New action in MicroTemplate to show in which pages it's used
  • FileExplorer: Parent folder link now more prominent
  • FileExplorer: You can now select and delete multiple files at once
  • Fix in legend of forms editor

Version 2020-10-16-1100:

  • Image resize profiles: Added more resize options
  • Form email templates now support field variables

Version 2020-10-16-0730:

  • New Feeds Feature to generate static cached JSON files for news lists, sitemap and atom xml feeds.

Version 2020-10-09-0930:

  • Added navtree.json
  • Added table plugin to trumbowyg editor
  • Added prefix for image conversion files to allow storing in subfolders

Release Notes for version 2020-10-06-1708 in branch 'master:

  • Another image rotation fix for smartphone photos

Release Notes for version 2020-09-24-1025 in branch 'master':

  • Image rotation fix

Release Notes for version 2020-09-21-0706 in branch 'master':

  • Display API-GW-URL in settings page
  • Increased lambda execution time for main API fn
  • Image resize: Apply image rotation if present in metadata header

Release Notes for version 2020-09-03-1600 in branch 'master':

  • Add webp image format in CDN image browser dialog
  • Dependency version bump in image lambda fn

Release Notes for version 2020-09-01-0645 in branch 'test':

  • ViewFilter in all views
  • Select-All (+delete) function in submitted forms view

Release Notes for version 2020-08-20-1815 in branch 'master'

  • HTTP2 support in CloudFront Distributions.
  • Support for imageprofiles in imported package files.
  • Fix delete variable in settings page.
  • Adjust dark mode colors in file upload dialog.
  • Fix for image resize height

Release Notes for version 2020-08-10-0830 in branch 'master':

  • Dark mode theme for webinterface

Release Notes for version 2020-08-04-1000 in branch 'master':

  • CacheControl selection field added to UI in file uploader
  • CacheControl selection field added to 'image upload and resize' profiles
  • CacheControl selection field added to online file editor (js/css)

Release Notes for version 2020-07-31-1200 in branch 'master':

  • New feature: Image upload and resize profiles with new image upload function in file explorer and in page editor
  • Added Cache-Control headers to: RSS-Feed-Generator, Sitemap-Generator, S3 file editor, S3 file upload
  • Mouse-over hint for eye-icons in settings page
  • Fix typo in PUG hint

Release Notes for version '2020-07-21-0940' in branch 'master'

  • Prevent saving a page without path or title
  • Removed unnecessary option in CloudFormation FullInstall template

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-16-1040 in branch 'master'

  •     License links fixed
  •     Disable warnOnUnload while not logged in to prevent popup when using IdP login

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-02-1645 in branch 'master'

  •     Include app title in browser window title
  •     Fix viewfilter when column value is null
  •     Added selection boxes in various views with delete action

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-01-1630 in branch 'master'

  • Fix for AWS-Region in frontend buildspec

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-26-0549 in branch 'master'

  • Hour format changed to 24h in file explorer
  • 'Include' Typo fixed in Layout edit form
  • Forms UI improved

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-22-1700 in branch 'master'

  • First public release

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