Release Notes - Test Branch

Version 2023-11-08-1333:

  • UI bug fix in MicroTemplate selection dialogs

Version 2023-06-07-0840:

  • Updated CloudFormation templates to add Global Secondary Index
  • All lambda functions migrated to use nodejs18 and AWS-SDK-v3
  • PUG renderer and sharp image converter version updated
  • UI backend-service code updated for new lambda function format
  • Fixed a bug where settings cache was not updated after saving

Version 2023-05-22-1300:

  • New function to show BuildProject image versions of CodePipelines. Updater dialog will now show a notification when you should update your CodePipeline infrastructure.

Version 2023-05-12-0935:

This release supports nodejs16 to build the frontend in CodePipeline (build image: aws/codebuild/standard:6.0).
Read the blog post for instructions how to upgrade your existing build project in CodePipeline by updating your stack to the new CloudFormation template.

  • Upgraded CloudFront templates for new installations to support codebuild image "aws/codebuild/standard:6.0"
  • Updated buildspec files for frontend and backend to remove nodejs version fixed to v12
  • Updated angular frontend package and installation to support newer npm version

Version 2023-03-28-0800:

  • Added Google reCAPTCHA v3 to form editor
  • Fix in redirectionFailure URL of submitted forms
  • Upgrade all Lambda functions to nodejs16.x

Version 2023-01-16-1340:

  • Fix for multiple copy/paste in microtemplate objectlist

Version 2022-11-10-0927:

  • Changed "data-" tags in sample form HTML code to be HTML5 compliant (this is just cosmetics)
  • Updated angular to latest minor version to get rid of some dependabot warnings

Version 2022-06-02-730:

  • Upgraded ejs/async package
  • Upgraded sharp package

Version 2022-04-26-1400:

  • UI upgraded to Angular 13 / Material Design 13
  • Various npm package verisons updated
  • Updated WebGate branding with new logo

Version 2021-09-13-1230:

  • Upgraded Angular from 8.x to 12.2.5
  • Removed AWS-Amplify UI auth components -> Password managers didn't like this
  • New Loginscreen with login dialog
  • Various npm package upgrades

Version 2021-08-17-0820:

  • Backend: bump tar node module version
  • Backend: bump path-parse node module version
  • Backend: bump color-string node module version

Version 2021-06-15-0700:

  • Add CloudFront invalidation dialog in file editor
  • Add CloudFront invalidation dialog in file explorer
  • Bump CloudFormation initial-run lambda nodejs version

Version 2021-04-14-1035:

  • UI: Add vertical scroll bar in 'insert CDN image' dialog and update OrderBy pipe
  • Backend: bump PUG rendering engine to 3.0.1
  • Backend: bump nodejs12.x to nodejs14.x

Version 2021-01-02-2222:

  • S3 bucket configuration: Added hints for URL syntax and updated initial config script to use https in order to avoid mixed-content warnings in file explorer when downloading a file in recent browsers.
  • Minor UI improvements in listing of micro templates in content
  • Package 'bl' version bump from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 in /backend/aws-serverless-cms-img

Version 2020-11-19-1045:

  • Micro Templates can now have icons for better visibility in selection dialogs
  • In the page editor you can now copy Micro Template objects to an internal clipboard and then paste on a different position or even in a different page

Version 2020-11-05-0840 in branch test:

  • Display indicator in tab title in case of unsaved changes
  • Only warn on window close if there are unsaved changes

Version 2020-10-29-1000 in branch test:

  • Increase lambda memory and timeout limits
  • Improvements in publication queue

Version 2020-10-23-0712 in branch test:

  • Wrap PUG render engine errors in PRE elements for better readability
  • Minor UI, CSS and table formatting fixes

Version 2020-10-21-1520 in branch test:

  • Improved page publish dialog with option to submit CloudFront cache invalidation request
  • New action in MicroTemplates view, to show which MT's are actually in use
  • New action in MicroTemplate to show in which pages it's used
  • FileExplorer: Parent folder link now more prominent
  • FileExplorer: You can now select and delete multiple files at once
  • Fix in legend of forms editor

Version 2020-10-16-1100 in branch test:

  • Image resize profiles: Added more resize options
  • Form email templates now support field variables

Version 2020-10-16-0730 in branch test:

  • New Feeds Feature to generate static cached JSON files for news lists, sitemap and atom xml feeds.
Version 2020-10-09-0930 in branch test:
  • Added navtree.json
  • Added table plugin to trumbowyg editor
  • Added prefix for image conversion files to allow storing in subfolders
Release Notes for version 2020-10-06-1708 in branch 'test:
  • Another image rotation fix for smartphone photos
Release Notes for version 2020-09-24-1025 in branch 'test':
  • Image rotation fix

Release Notes for version 2020-09-21-0706 in branch 'test':

  • Display API-GW-URL in settings page
  • Increased lambda execution time for main API fn
  • Image resize: Apply image rotation if present in metadata header
Release Notes for version 2020-09-03-1600 in branch 'test':
  • Add webp image format in CDN image browser dialog
  • Dependency version bump in image lambda fn

Release Notes for version 2020-09-01-0645 in branch 'test':

  • ViewFilter in all views
  • Select-All (+delete) function in submitted forms view

Release Notes for version 2020-08-18-1415 in branch 'test'

  • HTTP2 support in CloudFront Distributions
  • Support for imageprofiles in imported package files.
  • Fix delete variable in settings page.
  • Adjust dark mode colors in file upload dialog.
Release Notes for version 2020-08-10-0830 in branch 'test':
  • Dark mode theme for webinterface

Release Notes for version 2020-08-04-1000 in branch 'test:

  • CacheControl selection field added to UI in file uploader
  • CacheControl selection field added to 'image upload and resize' profiles
  • CacheControl selection field added to online file editor (js/css)

Release Notes for version 2020-07-31-1200 in branch 'test:

  • New feature: Image upload and resize profiles with new image upload function in file explorer and in page editor
  • Added Cache-Control headers to: RSS-Feed-Generator, Sitemap-Generator, S3 file editor, S3 file upload.
  • Mouse-over hint for eye-icons in settings page
  • Fix typo in PUG hint

Release Notes for version 2020-07-21-0940 in branch 'test'

  • Prevent saving a page without path or title
  • Removed unnecessary option in CloudFormation FullInstall template
Release Notes for Version 2020-07-16-1040 in branch 'test'
  • License links fixed
  • Disable warnOnUnload while not logged in to prevent popup when using IdP login

Release Notes for Version 2020-07-02-1630 in branch 'test'

  • Include app title in browser window title
  • Fix viewfilter when column value is null
  • Added selection boxes in various views with delete action

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-26-0549 in branch 'test'

  • Hour format changed to 24h in file explorer
  • 'Include' Typo fixed in Layout edit form
  • Forms UI improved

Release Notes for Version 2020-06-22-1700 in branch 'test'

  • Initial public release