Serverless Web Content Management

for Serverless Websites
powered by AWS and WebGate

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CloudeeCMS is a Serverless Web Content Management System
with an easy to use online editor to publish Serverless Websites on AWS.
It's opensource and free to use.

Traditional Websites..

Run on centralized physical or virtual servers,
require maintenance, are prone to vulnerabilities
and are charged by hour.

Serverless Websites..

Run on managed microservices, distributed to
endpoints all over the world for best performance!
Your content lives distributed in the cloud and is no longer directly tied to a server.
Charged by usage with very low rates!

We enable you to deliver seamless digital experiences that excite your customers!

When everyone gets to focus on what they do best - projects accelerate. CloudeeCMS allows you to develop fast and seamless digital products and services in the cloud, without to worry about servers and maintenance.
No matter if you are a publisher, agency or corporate, CloudeeCMS provides an excellent content management system using next generation technology, that gives your team full ownership over your content.

How does your team benefit?

Building seamless digital experiences can be challenging. With CloudeeCMS, developers, designers and content producers can work independently within the same system, accelerating each others' work rather than getting into each others way.
Developer persona


  • Use state of the art serverless technology on AWS
  • Can focus on developing features and services, because CloudeeCMS is open source and fully extensible
  • Can embed existing solutions into the system
  • Don't have to worry about servers, maintenance and scaling


  • Have full control over web design and layout and can unleash their creativity
  • Can design sites from scratch or build on standard templates
Designer persona
Content editor persona

Content Producers

  • Can use our easy to use online editor to manage their content
  • Don't need coding skills to use the system
  • Own their content
  • Can use the same tool for a private website, small local business or large enterprise scale websites

Serverless for everyone

From private projects to enterprise-grade high-traffic websites, affordable web presence with CloudeeCMS and pay-per-use AWS resources. With CloudeeCMS you can stand on the shoulders of giants by using serverless technology by AWS!

How do your customers benefit?

Timeouts and waiting for a website to load was yesterday, because CloudeeCMS automatically distributes the content worldwide - This is why your customers enjoy fast and smooth digital experiences from wherever they are.
No capacity guessing. Your CloudeeCMS website will autoscale without gaps and never suffer from traffic overload.
Leading the pack - faster responses mean better search engine rankings for your customers.
You own your content - period. Your content is not locked into an old style CMS subscription model, but within your own AWS account. CloudeeCMS only acts as a frontend to AWS services.
CloudeeCMS uses technologies that fit from small private websites to even the largest projects and allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants by using AWS services for your website.
CloudeeCMS is secure by design! CMS and website are decoupled from each other. The website has no servers that could be exposed to vulnerabilities. This also means no downtime for upgrades and security patches!
Save by paying for data usage rather than a set fee for content hosting and storage. Websites powered by CloudeeCMS only generate costs on usage and is not tied to a fixed fee for hosting and storage. Enjoy the freedom of paying only for data usage rather than a costly set fee for hosting and storage.
CloudeeCMS is free and open source. All services and design elements can be customized and extended.

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