Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions about CloudeeCMS:

Yes, it is. Both CloudeeCMS the webbased editor, as well as the Website you manage using CloudeeCMS are serverless.

You don't need to care about managing, updating, securing or autoscaling, servers. The website is served by a globally distributed and cached Content Delivery Network (AWS CloudFront) for best performance and reliability and uses managed cloud services instead of virtual machines.

In traditional CMS systems, your (virtual) server must run (and costs) all the time, even if there are currently no visitors. On the other side, if your website suddenly gets a lot of visitors, a (virtual) server might not be able to handle the traffic, and even if autoscaling would spin up more servers to handle the load, it takes a few minutes until new instances are up and running. Some users might still get no or very slow response, while autoscaling is in progress and might get frustrated.

Serverless websites are distributed in Content Delivery Networks (CDN) all over the globe in regional caching endpoints. No autoscaling is needed, and visitors of the serverless website will always have the best performance as they are connected to the nearest regional endpoint of your site.

Additionally your website will never have downtime for maintenance and does not need security updates.

CloudeeCMS is not a pure 'headless' CMS like all the other new kids on the block, but of course also allows you to build a website that uses APIs to render content from various sources. Just keep in mind, that for search engine ranking, a pure HTML page with fast response time will beat a fancy JavaScript singlepage application that loads contents from APIs. But there are situations where both (or mixed) approaches make sense. Just pick the right one for your project, CloudeeCMS gives you full flexibility.

CloudeeCMS is OpenSource and free to use. All you need is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Account. CloudeeCMS and the website you publish will reside in your own AWS account.
You will be charged by AWS for the services used to build and deploy CloudeeCMS, Lambda to publish pages, and for the usage by visitors (traffic and storage) of your serverless website. See AWS S3 Pricing and AWS CloudFront Pricing.

CloudeeCMS is a serverless Content Management System designed to run in your own AWS Account, so that all the data belongs to you.

If you're not a technical person or not familiar with AWS, we can offer to install CloudeeCMS for you. Please get in contact with us, to request a quote.